5 Keys to Time Leverage (Dallas, Tx | Business Coach)

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By Dallas, Tx Business Coach Leslie Hass

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  2. Forget Multi-tasking.  Multi tasking used to work.  Really it did, when we were trying to do two things at once.  But then, we think that our brains should be able to complete tasks like a MacBook Pro!  The more you multi-task, the more you fractionalize your brain power.  Doing one thing at one time will get it done better and faster.
  3. Cut the Distractions.  Just because you get a phone call, email or text doesn’t mean you have to answer it right then and there.  And the pings of “You’ve Got Mail” and your best friend posting on facebook are a like a drug.  Seriously, they have proved that the thrill of getting our first email, message, friend in the electronic world is the addictive reason we constantly ‘check-in’.
  4. Bite Your Bullet, Kiss Your Frog and Just Get it Done.  What? That one task that you are dreading, the sales pitch, the article, looking at your financials.  Whatever it is – tackle it first.  Otherwise the thought of it and why you don’t want to do it will haunt you the entire day and waste the one thing you can’t get more of.
  5. Free The Wizard!  Our western, puritan culture is built on ‘hard work’, it’s a self-virtue that is very highly prized.  But it is a virtue from our past, not the future.  Guess what, if you don’t like it, if it doesn’t bring in sales, keep clients purchasing from you or building your team from a high-level – delegate it.  There are so many resources, from elance to a high school intern that could whip that disgusting task out in no time.
  6. Look for opportunities to leverage.  This is a big shift, but powerful.  As women, we tend to love to create, and entrepreneurs we love to create.  Put them together and we are a creation powerhouse.  But we never use our creations to their fullest potential. It’s the adage of do it once and use it multiple times. If you look for leverage in every creation, you will start to design your creation with leverage in mind.

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