Why You Make Mistakes Hiring Employees

Mike McCormack, People Right

If you’ve ever hired the wrong person for the wrong position, you understand the cost and consequences it can have on your emotions and your business. Join me today, as our guest, Mike McCormack of People Right shares with us the mistakes we make in hiring, what it costs the business and how to stop making hiring mistakes.

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Mike spent the first 20 years or his career working for major corporations, focusing primarily on large IT system implementations. He worked for 5 different companies, including some of the most prominent consulting companies in the world, and held 10 different job titles. He learned that when projects fail, they don’t usually fail because of technology, they fail because we put the wrong people in the wrong places, or we don’t do a good job of matching their skills to the types of work we ask them to do. It’s not because they are ‘bad people’, but usually because they are a bad fit.

So in 2002 he started his own business – PeopleRight – to help companies put the right people on the right seats on the bus. Today he works with clients of all sizes – from 5 to 1,500 employees – to help them match people skills to the work that needs to get done. Because at the end of the day, we all perform better if we are doing work that we are wired for.



[Time Stamp 3:40] Mike shares the concept behind People Right and how his corporate roles led him to become entrepreneur. Leslie & Mike talk about the situation when we hire poorly as entrepreneur we blame the employee, but it isn’t necessarily their fault.

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[Time Stamp 7:40] Leslie & Mike talk about when the best time to do your homework about a potential employee is before you hire them, not after. Mike shares a story about a client who made a quick emotional decision on a recent hire and what concerns that client had when it became clear wasn’t working out. Mike shares the costs of poor hires in our businesses, and the few steps you can take to ensure we make good choices. When you take the time to plan for growth, and include the potential of new hires – you can take the time to make a good hire

[Time Stamp 11:30] Mike shares some of the other mistakes that he has witnessed when people hire for their staff, even when the business owner feels they are prepared. Interviewing process you can only see what the candidate is showing you – the best 20%. The question is what about 80% of the person you are not seeing.

Leslie shares some of her personal hiring and employee stories, as an example of the mistakes you could make in hiring.

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[Time Stamp 21:27] Leslie and Mike talk about the average costs of hiring a poor fit candidate for a small biz, not just in hard costs, but also in damage to the brand, productivity and lost revenue. Mike gives examples of how businesses should approach determining the cost of hiring poorly.

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[Time Stamp 26:28] Mike compares the difference between complete assessments, personality tests, and interest inventories tests. Mike shares how those tools can be helpful and how they can give insight into how a candidate communicates and works within a team; but falls short of including skills, learning capacity, information processing, and the speed of those traits.

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[Time Stamp 32:00] Mike discusses how these assessments may be able indicate how long an employee may stay in a position or with a company. Mike starts to build the bigger picture of building a team in your business. Mike shares how their fit to the position, their interest in the work, how well they perform in the position are all factors that help retain employees in a business.

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[Time Stamp 37:09] Mike talks about the expectations of performance for determining the role to a specific level. Mike also shares the importance of assessment of the entrepreneur or manager as a key component of hiring success. He further describes how this is so crucial to the success of the business and the success of the team.


To find out more about Mike and his hiring assessment, go to: www.people-right.com

Mike’s Offer (LIMITED AVAILABILITY) – 3 opportunities for a Business Owner or Hiring Manager to conduct an assessment with 1 hour consultation on the results. Email: Mike@people-right.com or call (214) 702-6826

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