My Business in Review 2014

Howdy!  I’m back in the saddle…so to speak.  The kids are back in school and I am back to you!

I wanted to start off 2015 postings with a year in review.  Now this feels a bit akward to me, because I actually do a lot of the number crunching year in review stuff in November.

That’s right, all the business and marketing planning for me happens in October & November, so that I have time to put things in place and get the ball rolling for January.

So while this review might have some of the numbers in it, it is going to be a lot more about accomplishments.

So let’s rock it.


January 2014

Personally, my family & I went to Spain for the first week of the year to celebrate my 40th birthday.  Going back to Spain was something I wanted to do for over 17 years.  It was fabulous and my family loved it as well.

On the work front, I was still operating under CEO-Mindset – but the message wasn’t clicking with people and it was confusing to people.  I had joined the SuperWoman Mastermind group and had the chance to go through an Emerge process with Sabine Messner of Soul Purpose Branding.

The result – Your Biz RULES.


That is a pretty hefty accomplishment.  I had done other work on my marketing and niche up to that point, by Emerge wrapped it up so amazingly…that I ran with it.

I also started writing my newsletter to my community on a weekly basis.


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February 2014


And boy did I.  I launched this website and a podcast show.  It took an huge amount of work. And thanks to my VA AMY, we created something that started to kick in and attract people.


March 2014

Participated in a few telesummits and presented for a few communities. That started to increase my community.


APRIL 2014

Our first sale under the Your Biz Rules brand.  Woo Hoo!  Now what is interesting to note here, is that this came from someone who knew me.  But I believe it took the rebranding and messaging for her to say yes.Fireworks


MAY 2014

Presented as a Break Out Speaker at Unleash Your Incredible Factor 2014 in Virginia.  It was an amazing event and made even more amazing connections – as well as many new clients.


JUNE 2014 – AUGUST 2014

Summertime!  This was my first summer to keep the boys at home.  So it was a bit experimental.  But after an amazing event in May, I shrunk.  Or rather, I hermitted (as we call it in our house).  What does that mean?  Well all of that lovely momentum I built up from Jan – May, I let it go.  I relaxed too much, I wasn’t still getting out there – but the learning here was that there was still holes in my marketing pipeline.

I did see the effect of this pretty quickly and set out to making sustainable changes.  But momentum takes time….at least 90 days.

I also decided to shut down the Your Biz Rules Podcast, in an effort to re-market it under a different brand.

I also had the amazing opportunity to have dinner with Sandra & Kym Yancy of eWomen Network, as well as an amazing group of notable entrepreneurs.  The conversation at the dinner table showed me how alike we all really are as entrepreneurs, and how great the potential is for each of us.

And in listening to Sandra tell her story, I knew one thing.  I wanted to learn from her.  I was ready to come out in a bigger way. So I invested in a shortcut to success, I invested in a ‘Day of Magic’.



Hosted the “Blast of Cash Master Series” and by all accounts it went pretty well.  I almost doubled my community, made some amazing connections and felt that I delivered on the mission to serve with the event.

I had a respectable amount of sales conversations, but couldn’t close them.  Stumped, because I’m used to selling value priced fees – and my fees are a steal for the results – but I wondered what I was missing.

Interesting to note here, I didn’t change my price, I changed my skill.

So I invested in training around sales conversations and the sales process for the space that I am in now.

networking business coaching


In looking at my numbers, in looking at what marketing worked and what marketing didn’t work – it became very clear.  I needed to get out more.  I need to be more visable.

I kind of laugh.  All my clients at this point are out of state.  I live in Texas for goodness sake! And Dallas – I have a huge back yard.

So I start doing what up to now I really haven’t enjoyed.  Networking.

The contrast to networking for the Interior Design business and this business is huge.  People were identifying with what I was sharing and how I was sharing it.  Interesting.  And pretty satisfying.

the value


Oh, the craziness at my house started.  Foundation repair, followed by carpenter ants, followed by the loveliness of putting it back together.  We are still working on it as I write…but I digress.

November started off with investing in more training to help me book for more speaking engagements.  Earlier, I talked about doing all the number crunching early for 2015.  This was one of the areas that I needed to get more training in to be able to book myself for 2015.  The Goal for 2015 is to do 12 webinars, 12 in-person seminars and 12 booked speaking engagements.

Right now, the webinars are good (in fact you can see the latest one at the top of the column.) I’m still working on setting up the in-person seminars and I have 4 booked speaking engagements.

And, I have 8 radio show / podcast interviews – too.



I participated in the Women Bringing Incredible Back Series and had a tremendous success and response with it.  Much more than I was expecting.  And as much as I heard how I inspired other women, I was being inspired to.

I was inspired to become even more clear in my message, even more viligiant in leading others to not only have the business they wanted for themselves and their families, but to start making it ok to say yes to themselves to make it all happen.

And I had my Day of Magic with Sandra.  The result.  Partly it was confirmation of what I had been feeling.  That the foundations of Your Biz Rules have been built.  The foundation is solid,  it impacts, it makes radical changes in the lives of my clients.

And any women entrepreneur will tell you…that is a common worry.  For me, it’s not just can it be profitable and I know I talk a lot about that with you.  For me it is can it still give me the freedom and joy I want from my work and can it impact others to the depth and breadth that I have been called to do.

The other key learning from my Day of Magic was that I have to GROW massively this year.  If I have the platform, and yes, I still need to add some products in there, but it’s now time to run the race.

On a smaller note, I wrote a blog article and a newsletter most every week in 2014.  That took discipline and focus for me, so I have to acknowledge it.

My biggest transformation has been internal – from wondering if it would work to finding out that it can.  From hiding, to peaking around the corner, to being ok with owning the stage.  It’s never been about capability, I has been about the fear of what that might mean.  I’ve worked beyond that.

I am READY to be TRIUMPHANT at the end of 2015.

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