How To Beat Back and Manage Scope Creep In Your Small Business

Smalll Business Coach Stop Scope Creep in Your Business Dallas Texasalbum

Do you find yourself blind sided by scope creep in your small business? Scope creep is subtle and harmless at first, but unchecked it is that sneaky little demon that eats up all of your time, profit and love for the job. Join Leslie Hassler, Small Business Growth Coach at Your Biz RULES in this […]

How To Get Over The Practice Of Negativity

get over the practice of negativity

Worry VS. Positivity: Which one wins? Be forewarned, this blog post isn’t for sissies. But if you’ve been inside the belly of the beast of your own mind, then you’ve probably seen the worst of it already. If you think you’re tough enough — I do! — then read on. Do you want to know […]

Here’s How To SEE A Recession Before You FEEL A Recession

recession proof your business

Is your business recession-proof? On a recent Blab podcast I showed how to recession-proof your small business. The truth of the matter, though, is that you can’t really continue on in business through a recession without feeling it in some way. “Recession-proofing” in my book means not only riding out an economic downturn, but actually […]

Why An Economic Nosedive Can Be Wonderful For Business

economic nosedive? No worries!

  I hate complaining! You should know that right off the bat. While I’m all for identifying problems, I can’t stand wallowing, whining, and commiserating. I don’t tolerate it well when my kids do it, and I don’t let my clients go down that path either. By the same token, I’m also not a fan […]

Why You Must Bust The Multi-tasking Myth To Get More Done In Your Business

album Time Management Strategies for Small Business and Entrepreneurs Dallas Business Coach Leslie Hassler

Busting the Multitasking Myth for Entrepreneurs – Get More Done With These Time Management Type Watch Dallas Small Business Coach, Leslie Hassler as she shares why you need to bust the multi-tasking myth in order to get more done in your business. When we talk about multi-tasking most women entrepreneurs think they have won a […]

How To Rebound Your Business After the Dog Days Of Summer

rebound your business after a vacation

These dog days of summer are upon us. The kids are starting to realize that summer isn’t going to last forever, and maybe you’re squeezing in one last trip to catch every sweet drop of these hazy, lazy days. Meanwhile, your work ethic may seem to be lounging around, too! If you’re an at-home mom, as […]

They Think You’re Successful, But You’re Not Feeling It

the long reach of the imposter syndrome

If you’re a rising professional woman, or a successful woman already, then you’ve probably heard of imposter syndrome. It’s that state of mind where you’re afraid that you don’t deserve the success you’ve achieved. You’re afraid someone’s going to find out that you’re not as competent and smart as you appear. Lately I’ve been hearing […]

The Sweet Spot Of Pain And How It Makes You A Better Business Owner

dealing with pain as a business owner

Can a hardship actually make you a better person, entrepreneur, or business owner? People who overcome physical trauma, troubled relationships, and distress of all kinds are the most powerful people in the world. Why? I can think of seven reasons, which I’ll describe below, and there are probably many others, too! First, know this. Social […]