Is Time Leaking Away From Your Business And Life?

time leaking away

  There’s an old song about holding time in a bottle. The lyrics are a bit cloying. Sorry, Jim Croce, but I’m glad time passes. If it didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t want someone capturing and keeping it where I was concerned! No, the flow of time is what makes life an adventure. The mystery and […]

The Ultimate Goal: You Want Your Company to Grow

you want your company to grow

When you first start your business, (I’m betting here), you dream about keeping your doors open. Everyone’s always talking about how so many small businesses fail within the first few years. If you’re an astute business owner, your goal is to probably survive! After that, what? You want to grow. The Many Sides of Small Business […]

Four Ideas for Diversification of Revenue Streams

diversify your revenue streams

Four Ideas for Diversification of Revenue Streams Last week we talked about the emotional roller coaster tied to your financials in your small business. The answer, of course, is to stop that desperate, tumultuous feeling by shoring up your business with simple, sound revenue streams. When you can predict your income, in small and large […]

The Not-So-Obvious Reason to Get Off the Money Merry-Go-Round

Get off the money merry-go-round

The Not-So-Obvious Reason to Get Off the Money Merry-Go-Round If you’re a small business owner, I’ll bet you can relate to swings in your confidence and emotions. You’re all positive confidence one day and the next you feel the twinge of insecurity in the pit of your stomach. There have been times when I felt […]

When People You Work With Make Work No Fun

when people you work with are no fun

Have you ever felt ill equipped to have a good relationship with a certain someone at work? People you work with can make you feel like you’re getting paid to have fun… or they can be the source of distress and worry. For an entrepreneur, leadership skills don’t always come naturally, but they can certainly […]

The Hidden Dangers Of Flying Solo In Your Small Business

flying solo in your business?

Entrepreneurs like to work alone. They hear their own drum beat and march to it. That’s why they start businesses. It’s in their nature to build something that wasn’t there before. Ideas sprout inside their heads and they take action. Part and parcel to that individuality is the tendency to make decisions based on a […]