Would You Rather Make Time And Money Or Save It?

make more money or save it?

Which is more important to you? Making more money, spending less of it, or storing it for a rainy day? If you’re a fairly new business owner, you may have more time to invest than money. You might like to see more dollars in your new checking account. If you’ve been at it for awhile, […]

Hiding From The Truth About Money In Your Small Business

stop hiding from the truth

There are three reasons why people get into trouble with their money when starting a business. The overarching reason is that they don’t know what they don’t know. Every other excuse falls underneath that umbrella statement. People who fail in their small business are in the dark about their numbers. Lucky for you, numbers are […]

How To Get The Results You Want In Your Small Business

get the results you want in your small business

Not getting the results you want in your small business? There’s a great line in The Lean Startup by Eric Ries: You can’t take learning to the bank; you can’t spend it or invest it. You cannot give it to customers and cannot return it to limited partners. In the book, Ries goes on to […]

Three Simple Reasons You’re Six Months Out From Your First Sale

long term marketing plans bring in sales 6 months from now.

Sometimes we make it more difficult that it has to be. Me, I learned pretty quickly in business that while long term marketing strategies are enticing and fun to create, you need some quick sales. You need those cash infusions when things are a little slow and especially when you’re just starting out. Early sales […]

Why Aren’t You Doing What You Know You Need To Do Today?

Doing what you need to do today

There’s nothing worse that knowing what you should be doing… and not doing it. Omission is not only counterproductive to your goals and plans, but it’s the most demoralizing feeling. Not knowing what you need to do today is bad, but knowing it, and not doing it, makes you feel like a loser. When you know […]

How To Spare Yourself The Loneliest Climb To The Top

Trust a business coach and spare yourself the lonely climb to the top.

Building a business is a lonely job. Alone with your laptop, you stay up late after everyone in the house is asleep, just so you can work when it’s quiet. Driving to a networking meeting or pitch fest, you listen to your notes and mentally jot additional notes hoping you’ll remember all your points when […]

Want A Complete Overhaul In Productivity? Do This One Thing

overhaul your productivity

There’s one thing that’s probably killing your productivity and it gets just about everyone. It’s the no-brainer thing that anyone can fix, but it gets lost in the shuffle of project management logs, task lists, and cluttered desks. What is it? It’s the problem of Open Loops. Here are some examples: You start a project, […]

Is Small Business Overwhelm Sucking The Life Out Of You?

overwhelmed by your small business?

The feeling of being overwhelmed can cause mental, physical, and even spiritual anguish if you allow your business to negatively take over your life. A recent Forbes article states that the number one sign you need a business coach is the feeling of overwhelm. Everyone knows this kind of stress. It can almost feel like […]

How To Pinpoint The Root Of Your Value

pinpoint the root of your value in small business

Your personality type matters more to your small business success than you may think. Many business owners, especially new business owners, can’t resist comparing their new business with others in the same genre. My advice? Have a perfunctory look around, and then forget the competition. Turn the lens on yourself. The key to your success […]