Four Small Business Relationships That Absolutely Boost Growth

Small business relationships that boost growth

The power of the people -the key to small business relationships! The people you meet, hire, have lunch with, attend conferences with, and connect with on social media… each and every one of them has a valuable role in your network and business! I don’t believe in accidents. Everyone you meet is in your life […]

How To Overcome The Stress That Comes From Asking For Help

asking for help in your small business

Failure, humiliation, rejection. Why would anyone willingly put herself at risk of enduring those things? For many people, asking for help, a favor, or some input, is so extremely uncomfortable that they associate fear, humiliation and rejection directly to the ask — no the outcome, but the very act of asking! As I write this, […]

How To Bounce Back in Business From A Feeling Of Powerlessness

bounce back from a feeling of powerlessness

Ask anyone who came back from a dark period in her life or business… the silver lining is never apparent while you’re standing right under that raincloud. You only see it when you look in the rear view mirror. Several years ago, during the recession, I had my own dark period in my business, but I can […]

The Terrible Truth About Being Able To Help Everyone

can you really help everyone?

Let’s just rip off the Band-Aid and get it over with. You can’t help everyone. That’s it. That’s the terrible truth. When you say can, you are lying to yourself, to your client, and to the person you just asked for a referral. The terrible truth about even uttering such a statement is that liars […]

The Five Most Important People Behind The Scenes In Your Small Business

behind the scenes in your small business

  You are building a business. At least that’s what you keep telling yourself! That’s great news! You want to be more than just self-employed. You want to have a life you love, with plenty of money and time to enjoy it. You’re not averse to hard work; in fact you love it. Now here’s […]

The Astonishing Time Management Truth Entrepreneurs Need

Business Coach Speaker Presence Work Life Balance time management

Time Management Truths For Small Business Success There are truths about time management that no one ever tells you.  What worked for you in your corporate job, won’t necessarily translate to your role as the owner of the small business. Here’s a podcast sharing with you exactly why the time management you know doesn’t work. Initially […]

Five Examples Of How To Use Leverage In Your Small Business

Leverage in your small business

In business conversations, the word leverage gets tossed around like a Frisbee at the beach, but as you grow your small business, don’t think for a minute that it’s a lightweight term you can take for granted. Leverage in your small business means getting big results by maximizing an easy investment. Leverage is how you […]