A 12 Minute Conversation with Small Business Coach Leslie Hassler

a Dallas Small Business Coach appears on the twelve minute conversations with Engel Jones

Now appearing on the 12 Minute Conversations with Host Engel Jones…. I love this concept and thoroughly enjoyed assisting Engel Jones in his quest to break the record for the number of podcasts generated.  Engel uses a great set of questions about business, inspiration, motivation and success.  Check out this and many other episodes! LISTEN […]

How To Get Over The Practice Of Negativity

get over the practice of negativity

Worry VS. Positivity: Which one wins? Be forewarned, this blog post isn’t for sissies. But if you’ve been inside the belly of the beast of your own mind, then you’ve probably seen the worst of it already. If you think you’re tough enough — I do! — then read on. Do you want to know […]

Why You Must Bust The Multi-tasking Myth To Get More Done In Your Business

album Time Management Strategies for Small Business and Entrepreneurs Dallas Business Coach Leslie Hassler

Busting the Multitasking Myth for Entrepreneurs – Get More Done With These Time Management Type Watch Dallas Small Business Coach, Leslie Hassler as she shares why you need to bust the multi-tasking myth in order to get more done in your business. When we talk about multi-tasking most women entrepreneurs think they have won a […]

How To Rebound Your Business After the Dog Days Of Summer

rebound your business after a vacation

These dog days of summer are upon us. The kids are starting to realize that summer isn’t going to last forever, and maybe you’re squeezing in one last trip to catch every sweet drop of these hazy, lazy days. Meanwhile, your work ethic may seem to be lounging around, too! If you’re an at-home mom, as […]

Double Your Business in 90 Days: Motherhood & Business: 3 Blissfully Easy Ways to Make It Work

Leslie-Hassler-DoubleYourBizIn90Days-Blab-Episode30-Motherhood-And-Business dallas business coach

Double Your Business in 90 Days: With Host & Dallas, TX | Business Coach, Leslie Hassler Motherhood & Business: 3 Blissfully Easy Ways to Make It Work With Guest, Maria Luce of The Empowered Mom Summary Suffer from Mommy Guilt?  Did you start a business to have the flexibility to be with your children and […]

The Sweet Spot Of Pain And How It Makes You A Better Business Owner

dealing with pain as a business owner

Can a hardship actually make you a better person, entrepreneur, or business owner? People who overcome physical trauma, troubled relationships, and distress of all kinds are the most powerful people in the world. Why? I can think of seven reasons, which I’ll describe below, and there are probably many others, too! First, know this. Social […]

Is Time Leaking Away From Your Business And Life?

time leaking away

  There’s an old song about holding time in a bottle. The lyrics are a bit cloying. Sorry, Jim Croce, but I’m glad time passes. If it didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t want someone capturing and keeping it where I was concerned! No, the flow of time is what makes life an adventure. The mystery and […]

When People You Work With Make Work No Fun

when people you work with are no fun

Have you ever felt ill equipped to have a good relationship with a certain someone at work? People you work with can make you feel like you’re getting paid to have fun… or they can be the source of distress and worry. For an entrepreneur, leadership skills don’t always come naturally, but they can certainly […]

Marketing Your Small Business on A Budget Going back to Clients

album Marketing Your Small Business On A Budget business coaching going back to the past

Don’t let your bank account stop you from growing your business!  You can grow & market your small business on a budget with this growth hack! I’m here to give you a quick guide to with marketing ideas and tips and strategies to make your small business marketing work. I share a lot of great […]