Here’s How To SEE A Recession Before You FEEL A Recession

recession proof your business

Is your business recession-proof? On a recent Blab podcast I showed how to recession-proof your small business. The truth of the matter, though, is that you can’t really continue on in business through a recession without feeling it in some way. “Recession-proofing” in my book means not only riding out an economic downturn, but actually […]

Why An Economic Nosedive Can Be Wonderful For Business

economic nosedive? No worries!

  I hate complaining! You should know that right off the bat. While I’m all for identifying problems, I can’t stand wallowing, whining, and commiserating. I don’t tolerate it well when my kids do it, and I don’t let my clients go down that path either. By the same token, I’m also not a fan […]

The Ultimate Goal: You Want Your Company to Grow

you want your company to grow

When you first start your business, (I’m betting here), you dream about keeping your doors open. Everyone’s always talking about how so many small businesses fail within the first few years. If you’re an astute business owner, your goal is to probably survive! After that, what? You want to grow. The Many Sides of Small Business […]

Four Ideas for Diversification of Revenue Streams

diversify your revenue streams

Four Ideas for Diversification of Revenue Streams Last week we talked about the emotional roller coaster tied to your financials in your small business. The answer, of course, is to stop that desperate, tumultuous feeling by shoring up your business with simple, sound revenue streams. When you can predict your income, in small and large […]

The Not-So-Obvious Reason to Get Off the Money Merry-Go-Round

Get off the money merry-go-round

The Not-So-Obvious Reason to Get Off the Money Merry-Go-Round If you’re a small business owner, I’ll bet you can relate to swings in your confidence and emotions. You’re all positive confidence one day and the next you feel the twinge of insecurity in the pit of your stomach. There have been times when I felt […]

Marketing Your Small Business on A Budget Going back to Clients

album Marketing Your Small Business On A Budget business coaching going back to the past

Don’t let your bank account stop you from growing your business!  You can grow & market your small business on a budget with this growth hack! I’m here to give you a quick guide to with marketing ideas and tips and strategies to make your small business marketing work. I share a lot of great […]

Double Your Business in 90 Days: Why Your Business Needs You To Be a Little Crazy

Dallas Best Business Coach Leslie Hassler Grow Your Business Crazy Marketing Sales

Double Your Business in 90 Days: With Host & Dallas, TX | Business Coach, Leslie Hassler Why Your Business Growth Needs You To Be A Little Crazy Summary How do you feel when someone says, “You’re Crazy!” to an idea in your business?  Do you let it detour your efforts to grow your small business?  […]