Double Your Business in 90 Days: Motherhood & Business: 3 Blissfully Easy Ways to Make It Work

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Double Your Business in 90 Days: With Host & Dallas, TX | Business Coach, Leslie Hassler Motherhood & Business: 3 Blissfully Easy Ways to Make It Work With Guest, Maria Luce of The Empowered Mom Summary Suffer from Mommy Guilt?  Did you start a business to have the flexibility to be with your children and […]

My Business in Review 2014

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Howdy!  I’m back in the saddle…so to speak.  The kids are back in school and I am back to you! I wanted to start off 2015 postings with a year in review.  Now this feels a bit akward to me, because I actually do a lot of the number crunching year in review stuff in […]

Sales Secrets I Learned From My Son: Selling Popcorn

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Sales skills in your business can be a challenging skill to master.  Many of my coaching clients and entrepreneurs out there struggle with sales in their business. Mostly because we have learned too many bad habits and absorbed too many negative thoughts about selling and the nature of sells. Today however, our children have the […]

Do you have an superhero complex?


A realization hit me today. Those of you close to me are going to be SHOCKED…not. I have a superhero complex.  I have an expectation that I am INVINCIBLE! (echo for effect) I discussed it with my husband tonight.  As I’m explaining the conversation that brought this to the surface to me….his response…. ‘I’ve know […]