How To Balance Family & Business


I survived May!  I know that there are three days left in the month, but I feel the cause to Celebrate!   Why?  Because this was the family calendar for May – which included 4 out of town trips, 11 Baseball games, 8 practices, 3 Scout meeting, 1 birthday, my anniversary, one trip to see […]

CEO MOM Diary: Trusting Your Struggle


I’ve picked back up the habit this year of getting in some exercise.  That single habit seems to be something I do and then stop and then do again.  So it is safe to say, I struggle with being consistent with it. Why?  It isn’t always easy for me.  I know, many people say that […]

What To Do When You’ve Lost Focus?

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I’ll admit it. My focus is in the tank today. Plunk! Why? Perhaps it is the day of the week. But I know that it is more that last week, we launched the new website (how do you like it?) and a new podcast (;) in case you missed that. And while I have been […]

The Balancing Act


I often pride myself on making time of all the components of my life – my work, my family, personal time.  But as I was about to say good-bye to my family at the airport this week, my oldest asks, “Mom, do you have another trip after this one?”  “I do, but not for a […]