They Think You’re Successful, But You’re Not Feeling It

the long reach of the imposter syndrome

If you’re a rising professional woman, or a successful woman already, then you’ve probably heard of imposter syndrome. It’s that state of mind where you’re afraid that you don’t deserve the success you’ve achieved. You’re afraid someone’s going to find out that you’re not as competent and smart as you appear. Lately I’ve been hearing […]

The Sweet Spot Of Pain And How It Makes You A Better Business Owner

dealing with pain as a business owner

Can a hardship actually make you a better person, entrepreneur, or business owner? People who overcome physical trauma, troubled relationships, and distress of all kinds are the most powerful people in the world. Why? I can think of seven reasons, which I’ll describe below, and there are probably many others, too! First, know this. Social […]

The Hidden Dangers Of Flying Solo In Your Small Business

flying solo in your business?

Entrepreneurs like to work alone. They hear their own drum beat and march to it. That’s why they start businesses. It’s in their nature to build something that wasn’t there before. Ideas sprout inside their heads and they take action. Part and parcel to that individuality is the tendency to make decisions based on a […]

Would You Rather Make Time And Money Or Save It?

make more money or save it?

Which is more important to you? Making more money, spending less of it, or storing it for a rainy day? If you’re a fairly new business owner, you may have more time to invest than money. You might like to see more dollars in your new checking account. If you’ve been at it for awhile, […]

How To Spare Yourself The Loneliest Climb To The Top

Trust a business coach and spare yourself the lonely climb to the top.

Building a business is a lonely job. Alone with your laptop, you stay up late after everyone in the house is asleep, just so you can work when it’s quiet. Driving to a networking meeting or pitch fest, you listen to your notes and mentally jot additional notes hoping you’ll remember all your points when […]

Double Your Business in 90 Days: The Powerful Secrets of Creating Predictable Business Success


Double Your Business in 90 Days: With Host & Dallas, TX | Business Coach, Leslie Hassler The Powerful Secrets of Creating Predictable Business Success With guest Ana Melikian Summary Why do we love formulas and systems in our businesses? They can be very attractive because another person has figured out the best path to success […]

Want A Complete Overhaul In Productivity? Do This One Thing

overhaul your productivity

There’s one thing that’s probably killing your productivity and it gets just about everyone. It’s the no-brainer thing that anyone can fix, but it gets lost in the shuffle of project management logs, task lists, and cluttered desks. What is it? It’s the problem of Open Loops. Here are some examples: You start a project, […]