How To Pinpoint The Root Of Your Value

pinpoint the root of your value in small business

Your personality type matters more to your small business success than you may think. Many business owners, especially new business owners, can’t resist comparing their new business with others in the same genre. My advice? Have a perfunctory look around, and then forget the competition. Turn the lens on yourself. The key to your success […]

What an Entrepreneur To Do When Motivation is Low?


Spritiual Badass 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 7 Topic: The challenge of discipline Ok, Here we are at Day 7, and I am losing a bit of my motivation to blog every day.  Just keeping in real. Why?  Because – don’t laugh.  I struggle with routines. Yep, Mrs. You-Must-Have-Routines, The-Structure-Sets-You-Free is just like you. So […]

It’s Monday – Let’s Do This!


Do you dread Mondays or look forward to a new week with new opportunities? Weekends are a time to dive into what truly inspires you. I have to admit, after weekends filled with Cub Scouts, Baseball and good times with family and friends, sometimes Monday comes too soon. I find myself asking… when did I […]

Motivational Moments: Making YOU a Priority


As a Mom, an Entrepreneur, a Designer and an all around active person in my community, self-care is one of those things that I hold sacred. Yet I often hear my clients say they don’t have time to take care of themselves, that they are last on the list! Sometimes I even hear people say […]