Motivational Moments in Business: Why You Can’t Control Time

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Join Leslie on today’s motivational moments in business as she shares why you can feel so frustrated around managing your time.  June marks the half-way point in our year and has many people taking stock in how far they’ve come in reaching their goals for 2015.  It also marks the beginning of summer, the time […]

Motivational Moments in Business: The Power of Serenity

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The first thought that pops into my mind when I hear the word serenity is the episode from Jerry Seinfield where Kramer comes screeching into the apartment screaming, “Serenity Now!”  But what is serenity really all about?  Join us on this week’s motivational moment as we look at the power of serenity in your business… […]

The Power of the Word

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The power of one word has always amazed me.  I’ll be honest, I love words, I am one of those people who can get wrapped up in the lyrical quality of words.  Words can be whispered, words can be shouted, song and performed.  They can bring us down or lift us up. Our Easy 6-Figure […]

Motivational Moments: Stay Focused In Your Walk

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This morning’s Motivational Moment was inspired by two completely unrelated moments this weekend.  Find out what they are and how you can weather the storms in your business. In truth, the reality is, it is not whether or not you will have storms in your business and your life.  It is about what you do […]

Motivational Moments: Be Fearless in Asking


This weekend, while on a cub scout camping trip, I found that my oldest son was able to get exactly what he needed when he needed.  Mind you, he didn’t always get it from me, but from other kids and parents around the camp.  And in joking with another parent, talking about how capable he […]