Motivational Moments: The Power of Routine


Routine…it sounds so boring.  In fact, it can be just that boring.  Through our lives, routine is either something we cling onto like a safety blanket, or run away from like the plague. But what if our success in life and our businesses lies somewhere in between. This week’s motivation is all about the beauty […]

Motivational Moments: Are You Lucky?


Have you ever looked at someone else’s success and thought, “Wow, look how lucky they are.” Have you ever wondered why you don’t have more luck? Luck is such a concept of fortune, of something perfect just falling into our laps.  It’s why we buy lottery tickets to win millions. But what I’ve never understood […]

Motivational Moments: Encouragement Changes Everything


I’m inspired to bring to you today’s motivational moment after reading a book entitled, Encouragement Changes Everything by John Maxwell.  You may know John Maxwell as a leadership coach, appearing in Success Magazine, author of numerous books, and now with his own coaching empire.  I love John’s messages because in all truth, they can be […]

Motivational Moments: 28 Days of Gratitude Challenge


Howdy!  Welcome to the first Monday of February!  For this month’s motivational moments series…I want to do something a bit different. I want to challenge you to 28 Days of Gratitude. 28 Days of falling back into love or even falling deeper into with yourself, your life and your business. This goes against all of the marketing ‘acumen’ […]

Motivational Moments: Busy is a Choice


How was your week last week? For many of us we started the week with long lists of things we wanted to accomplish to kick off our New Year. Were you productive? Or were you “busy”? Everything we do is a choice including being “busy”. If you’ve followed me for very long, you know […]

Motivational Moments: Finding More Peace in 2015


In last week’s Motivational Moments, I talked about the word “joy” and how we need to incorporate more joy into our daily lives and not reserve it solely for the holidays. Peace is another one of those words we hear a lot during the holidays and New Year that we could all use more of, […]

Motivational Moments: Take Action!


There’s 31 days left in 2014. How did you do on your goals for this year? Have you outlined your goals for 2015? Now comes the real question, do you have a goal or a plan? From: I recently shared in my ezine about the difference between a goal and a plan. A goal […]

Motivational Moments: Pay It Forward

pay it forward

As we enter the holiday season, everywhere I turn there is a “drive” of sorts. A food drive, a toy drive, a socks drive… essentially collections of good for people who are financially struggling. Our family supports as much of these as we can, but truth is, we do this year round… not just during […]