Motivational Moments: Indulge Yourself


As entrepreneurs and parents, every day we get up and work toward success. Often times we get so wrapped up in creating success that we forget to enjoy it. If we don’t take time to enjoy our success, it opens up the door to burnout and dissatisfaction with our business and/or our lives. When this […]

Motivational Moments: It Takes Courage To be You


Are you courageous? Many people when asked that question say “No” because they associate “courage” with bravery and great acts performed by our first responders, doctors, military personnel and many others. We all have courage. Courage shows up in our lives every day. To be an entrepreneur, a business person, a parent requires courage. Feel […]

Motivational Moments: Making Space


Busy, busy, busy! Everyone is so busy these days. Between work, family, extended family, community and household things, for many people, there’s barely a moment to take a deep breathe let alone … We seem to be preoccupied with adding, adding, adding things to our lives. But when we are so full, we cannot welcome […]

It’s Monday – Let’s Do This!


Do you dread Mondays or look forward to a new week with new opportunities? Weekends are a time to dive into what truly inspires you. I have to admit, after weekends filled with Cub Scouts, Baseball and good times with family and friends, sometimes Monday comes too soon. I find myself asking… when did I […]