Unlock The Power of Your Story


Sandra Miller Younger, Strategic Story Solutions BIO: Sandra Millers Younger grew up in the South where people still swap stories over fried chicken, apple pie and sweet tea. At the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Syracuse University, where she earned degrees in English and journalism, Sandra studied stories—what makes the great ones great, […]

Why is Too Many Clients Bad For Business?

Ewomen Success Institue Business Coach Leslie Hassler

This is a project I am really excited about, so when Sandra Yancy asked me to present as part of the eWomen Network Success Institute – of course I said yes. If you’ve ever been in the situation where you have more business than you can handle, but still seem to be losing money, then […]

How To Use Charitable Donations To Grow Your Business

Auction season is in full swing, and this year, I’ve been heading up donations and solicitations for our school auction.  It has been interesting to see what gets donated and who participates.  It has been even more interesting to hear people’s comments and perceptions about participating in them. That is what has inspired today’s business […]

Motivational Moments: What Is Success To You?

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In the conversations I have had over the last few months, defining success and what it means to you is one skill that most people struggle with.  To be successful is what most everyone wants.  To know what it looks like, feels like, how your will define it, how you will know that it is […]

The RULES of Work / Life Balance


Thanks for joining for this business coaching moment.  In conjunction with the episode with Matt Maszczak of Balance is Bunk, today’s business coaching moment is about that ever elusive work / life balance that we as women entrepreneurs are consistently searching for. Listen to today’s episode:     Refocus on Your Purpose With Tenacity The first […]

Motivational Moments: If he can do it…so can you


Today in the US we honor the great civil rights champion Martin Luther King and his great courage, dedication and commitment to equal rights for all citizens. But even the great Dr. King thought about quitting. After the historic march on Selma, Dr. King considered quitting because of the sacrifice his family was making and […]