Want A Complete Overhaul In Productivity? Do This One Thing

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overhaul your productivity

closing open loops to increase productivityThere’s one thing that’s probably killing your productivity and it gets just about everyone. It’s the no-brainer thing that anyone can fix, but it gets lost in the shuffle of project management logs, task lists, and cluttered desks. What is it?
It’s the problem of Open Loops.
Here are some examples:

  • You start a project, but don’t finish it.
  • You make a phone call for information and don’t act on it.
  • You make a sales pitch but don’t get a commitment or even any feedback.
  • You delegate a task, but don’t check to see that it’s finished properly.
  • You’ve reached out to an expert for help in your business, but you’ve not given an answer to them.

Essentially an open loop exists anytime you invite an opportunity, but don’t follow through.
One of the hallmarks of a business fraught with open loops is you have a difficult time obtaining firm commitments from others. Funny how that works out, huh?
Once you make this a habit, the open loops will seep in everywhere and cause you to lose money, time, and credibility. On top of that, people stop taking you seriously. You are perceived as a dabbler in business, not a serious, grown-up businesswoman.
Fortunately this is an easy habit to change. It only requires a slight mindset shift to overhaul your productivity.
If you want resolution and results, you will have a bona fide, top-performing business. If you don’t really want resolution and results, it’s just a hobby. And it shows.
expect commitment from others, too!
Once you start making decisions and commitments in your business, then you stop being afraid to ask others for the same accountability. You fulfill requests and expect the same from others.
Suddenly all those open loops get tied up and become impenetrable opportunities.
My challenge to you: Pick some of open-ended issues that are causing you the most distraction and resolve them by Friday of this week. You won’t believe how quickly you discover new opportunities that will take their place and move you along toward your goals.
Best of all, you’ll feel like a liberated woman again. Close those loops.