Double Your Business in 90 Days: How To Conquer Your Shiny Object Syndrome & WIN in YOUR Business

Double Your Business in 90 Days:

With Host & Dallas, TX | Business Coach, Leslie Hassler

How To Conquer Your Shiny Object Syndrome & WIN in YOUR Business

With Guest Dr. Sara Reiff-Hekking


Many entrepreneurs claim to be a little ADHD in their business.   Running from one thing to another, getting distracted by all of the shiny objects of what you could be doing in your business won’t help your bottom line. Join Business Coach Leslie Hassler, from her office in Dallas, Texas; and Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, True Focus Coaching Inc. as they share how to get more focus and success. In this episode we will cover:

  1. Why Entrepreneurs have ADHD and the costs to your businesses
  2. The tools and habits to improve your focus
  3. The benefits and treasures you can reap when you apply these habits
  4. The path that has worked for entrepreneurs
  5. Q & A Best Practices

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About Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, True Focus Coaching Inc.

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is the founder of True Focus Coaching Inc., a speaker and coach with 20 years of experience helping people create the lives they crave.   She is passionate about helping smart people that have a hard time managing their time and their tasks, figure out a way that works for them.  She believes that you have to find the time management system that works for you, that solutions are found by paying attention to the present moment, and that just like Michelangelo had to chip away at the stone to find the statue, we have to get rid of all the extra stuff that isn’t the core of your life.  More at

About Leslie Hassler, Dallas’ Best Business CoachBusiness Coach and Speaker Leslie Hassler

Leslie Hassler, owner of Your Biz RULES ™ coaches women business owners how to grow their business to be profitable, sustainable and rewarding.  As a business growth coach in Dallas, Leslie helps smart service-based businesses across industries, avoid the pitfalls and distractions of business to grow into 6 and multiple 6-figure businesses, all without having to sacrifice your personal resources.  In her practical and grounded approach, you learn how to zero in on what works, generate results and create a business that is a win for your clients, for yourself and your family.

Leslie’s ability to simplify the complex process of building a business, whether it’s marketing, sales, systems, or just finding time to do it all – you’ll make more progress working with Leslie than you ever did on your own. The strategies and techniques that her client’s implement creates 30% to 200% growth – easily within the next year.

At the end of the day, it’s about creating a business that supports your life, your family.  As a mother of two ‘wild & crazy’ boys and wife to her soulmate of 16 years, Leslie understands that creating a healthy profitable business is key to supporting the lifestyle and health of her family.

Dallas Business Coach

Your Biz Rules

Dallas, Tx



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