How Do You Define Your 2015?

What value could one word bring to your business and the success you see in 2015? What about themes? Do you like themes?  Have you ever thought about the value of giving a theme to your year?

Last week I did a year in review for my business.  It was good to look back and it was hard to look back.

I am such a forward focused personality, it can be hard for me to remember the progress that I personally made.  And because it is hard, I make it apart of my process before I can fully claim 2015.

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Part of the way that I claim the year is by choosing a word to define the year.  I’ll talk a little more about how to do that in a minute.

But why do you want a single word?  Because it becomes a focus, a beacon to all that you want to call forth for the year.  In fact, check out my last few year’s worth of words.

2014 – Connection

2013 – Abundance

2012 – Gratitude

Yes, I had business and financial goals, but this was the feeling goal if you will. But if I can truly send home the value of the word, I’ll share this quote,



This word that you choose is more about the ‘BE’ part of the equation.

How do you pick the word?

I honestly sit for a moment in silence, reviewing all that I want to do this year, all that I hope to accomplish.  What would that feel like?  What word would describe that feeling?

Flourish’ could work, ‘Realize’ could work, ‘Fulfillment’ could work.

In fact the last few months as I look for the growth of my business this year – the message has been clear – there is not much left to build, for now.  It is all about growing.

For me 2015 about seeing all the seeds and work to build a profitable company flourish and prosper.

Hmm…Prosper could work as well.

Prosper – verb, to be successful or fortunate; thrive; flourish

I think what bothers me about those words is the connotation of ‘in progress’ – my 2015, while the business will develop and grow, its more that I feel like we are coming up to a big finish line to an important milestone.

Triumphantly crossing the finish line, breaking the tape with confetti and champagne awaiting.


Triumphant – Adjective, 1. Having achieved victory or success; victorious; successful. 2. Exulting over victory, rejoicing over success.

I like that. That feels like sunlight and has the vibration of humming.  I might sit with that for a while, try it on and see if it fits.  Plus I like that it would work for my intentions for my clients.  Triumphant.

This process is a little less about structure and a little more about flow.  Try asking yourself how you want to feel this year, how you would describe the year if everything went your way.

What word would you come up with?  How would you define your year?


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