Visioning Your Path To Success In Business

Spiritual Badass Blogging Challenge – Day 5

Topic:  What’s on your Vision Board?

Ok – I’m late on this one!  Why?  Because today was a ‘MOM’ Day and we had doctor appointments out the wazoo.  Mixed in with a session on JumpStreet & yes, I jumped.

So here we are, me disciplining myself to my commitment to blog.


Before I answer today’s topic, I have a question for you.

A Personal Vision Gives Direction To Your Business

Do you have one?

  • Probably not.  In fact, it is one of the things I see that women entrepreneurs miss.
  • Part of the problem is the notion that “It’s wrong for me to want more for myself.”
  • Part of the problem is “I’m just trying to get my business off the ground, I can’t even imagine that.”
  • Part of the problem is “That seems so unreal to me – it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

So what is a vision board?

It is a visual representation of how you would like to define your life. It should be linked to your big why, your values, your desires and be uniquely you.


The areas of your life that your can use to define your vision.

What does your life standfor?  What will you enjoy?  What mark will you leave on this world?  How will you spend your time on earth?

Want to see one?  Take a look at this board from pinterest.  It is my vision board.  I call it “Whatever is here will be”

pinterest blog

 Follow Leslie Hassler’s board What ever is here will be on Pinterest.

It is actually a version of an abundance exercise from Ask & It Is Given by Abraham Hicks.

So what is the reason to do one? Simple.

A decision to make

When you don’t define what it is that your want from the world from God and for your life.  You get exactly that.

If you are unsure, your results will be unsure.

Napoleon Hill

Do you have a vision board?  Are you curious about how to do one?  Let me know – leave your question in the comments section!


  1. says

    I have two vision boards. One is personal and the other is business. I have two separate boards because I like to keep them separate from each other.

  2. says

    Hi Leslie 🙂

    I had to laugh at the mommy day comment. I have five kids, including three-year-old twins, and up to age 11, so I toootally get it! This challenge is kicking my butt!

    I’m glad you got a chance to bang this one out and I love that Napoleon Hill quote. There’s so much wisdom in that book.

    • Leslie says

      Nicole, Oh boy your house is probably as full and loud as mine…if not more. It is a challenge for sure to be a mom and an entrepreneur! I secretly have the countdown to school serving as motivation to finish out the summer strong!

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