Finding Leverage Inside Your Business


Leverage is a huge word in business. And one of the keys to being about to grow your business without killing yourself is by using it inside your business. From my view, there are 4 areas that you have the opportunity to leverage your business.

  1. Money
  2. People
  3. Technology
  4. Systems

leverage graphic

And within each of these areas, there is even more detail, which I will go into in other articles. But one practical tip that I can share with you is to leverage your personal efforts. As an example, most of us generate content in some form or fashion. And it takes a tremendous amount energy to be constantly generate new content, doesn’t it?

And for most of us, we generate the content for one single use. But the key is to find the leverage in it. Case in point – as I am writing this article, to share with you today, know that it’s not entirely new. That is, I recorded a podcast on this subject a few weeks ago.


And while I am repeating technically the same content, I’m reshaping it to use here. And you know what, I won’t stop there. I’ll use the content for social media, for marketing, for my ezine, and eventually for a webinar or class. And even then, when I have a client that needs this information in the future, I’ll share it with them.

That is the magic of leverage – my time has limitations, the key to doing more with less is to use what you have created and ‘Lather, Rinse & Repeat’ it as much as you can to get the maximum impact from it.


If you understand or even create a master plan to your communication, you start to see the value of planning ahead and leveraging your efforts and the value you provide. Or, in other words – Squeeze the lemon dry!


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