Meet Leslie

Leslie-Hassler-Photo-350Leslie Hassler found herself thrust into the entrepreneurial arena 7 years ago when she was unexpectedly out of a job and decided to open her own business.  As a mother to two toddlers, Leslie wanted to find a way to do what she loved and still be able to spend time with her family.  And as she set out to start a business, what she actually did was create a ‘job’ in disguise of a ‘business’.  Sadly, she found that her business skills from corporate did not apply to a start-up as she worked longer and harder to try to keep up.  She was a slave to her business with no time left for her family and the things she loved most in life.

As the recession showed the many flaws in her business, Leslie set out to find a better way to run a business.  What she found was the way to set boundaries and design her life and business so she could have it all!  Your Biz Rules ™ is the culmination of her learning that has allowed her to manage two entrepreneurial businesses, with multi-six figure revenues, while balancing her roles as a mother of two energetic boys, wife and volunteer.

Known as the Queen of Healthy Boundaries and the Business Strategist & Time Leverage Stickler, Leslie helps women entrepreneurs stop being a slave in their business, take control and live life on their own terms.

Leslie’ received the Business Excellence Forums International Business Award for growing her business revenues 150% percent in six months, is the best-selling author of 25 Brilliant Business Mentors and has appeared on stages across the nation. When she isn’t helping her client’s design their own Your Biz Rules ™; she travels the world, and enjoys concerts, festivals and sporting events with her family.

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