How To Bounce Back in Business From A Feeling Of Powerlessness

bounce back from a feeling of powerlessness

Ask anyone who came back from a dark period in her life or business… the silver lining is never apparent while you’re standing right under that raincloud. You only see it when you look in the rear view mirror.

Several years ago, during the recession, I had my own dark period in my business, but I can honestly say now that it was a blessing in disguise.

What I know now, but couldn’t see then, was that even though the recession was brutal and there were circumstances I couldn’t control, I had the power all along to make the necessary changes that would turn my business around.

At the time, I just couldn’t see what changes needed to be made. After losing about 50% of my business within one year, I spent a couple of years in a panic, throwing away resources and hoping something would stick. I was going to conferences with other smart, successful business people; I was reading books and blogs, taking courses, and trying everything I could think of to fix my business.

Have you ever been in a similar place? It seems the more you try, the more you swirl around in your own little storm. And the more lost you feel, the more difficult it is to get perspective on the problems inside your business, let alone breathe and enjoy it. You start comparing yourself to others and losing your sense of purpose. You almost even forget who you are and why you ever wanted to start a business in the first place.

That feeling of powerlessness is hell.

The truth only came to me after starting work with my business coach in 2011.

When nothing in my business seemed to be working, I had to take responsibility for the mess I’d created. Any loss of power or confusion I felt was due to the choices I’d made (or hadn’t made!) and my neglect of my own real power.

The reality dawned on me very quickly. If it was to be, it really was up to me. When I recognized some of the mistakes I’d made, I was humbled, yes, but here’s the silver lining… my confusion dissipated like storm clouds rolling away to reveal clear blue skies again.

I will tell you, I have never felt powerlessness since then.

Yes, I felt a little ashamed of the choices I’d made when I almost gave up hope of having a thriving business, but I’m grateful now. Even my ability to feel that shame over my mistakes stemmed from my recognition that I hadn’t been stepping up to the requirements needed to run a healthy business.

Once you realize your success or failure is all your doing, it’s impossible to feel powerless!

You can’t run a business unless you grow up and own it. It all comes down to your choices. If you can make choices that kill the potential in your business, then you can make choices to get make it right again.

ultimate realization of powerThere will always be those days when you feel discouraged, just as you’ll have those heady wonderful days when you feel like you’re queen of the world. But once you claim your power as a business owner with choices, the ups and downs don’t toss you around quite so drastically.

That is the ultimate realization of power in your business – that nothing happens to you – it happens because of you.

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