How To Stand Out From The Crowd in Small Business

How to Blow Away Your Competition Out of The Water –

I had a wonderful meeting this week with a local bank this week.  It was one of those meetings that you have to see if there is potential for a strategic interview.  As we were chatting, we found we had a lot in common.

And then my most dreaded question came.

“So Leslie, who is your competition?”

Why is this a dreaded question?  I dread it because people react very interestingly to my response.

I looked down for a minute, took a deep breath and gave my answer, “I have none.”

I looked up into their eyes waiting for their response.

One of the people had a little smirk – “Why is that?”

And here in lies my reasoning.

So if you want to blow away the competition in your own business – you have to stop worrying about the competition.

I love this philosophy so much, I use it to end my speeches,

dallas small business coach blow away the competition

“Here’s a little secret I know about being successful in business….

… IT isn’t about your clients

… IT isn’t about your competition

IT is all about YOU.

Business isn’t about getting the best of them, it’s about getting the best of YOURSELF.

So let me explain.  If you are a small business – let’s say one with 25 or less employees – then you are your business.  People buy from you, not your logo.  Your marketing doesn’t need to worry about awareness, it concentrates on driving the sale.

But…But…But you say.

What, there are so many people who do what you do?

Yes, you are correct.

In both of my first and second businesses, I am/was one of many. Take Interior Design – imagine how many people I met would tell me about their niece, aunt, mother, sister, daughter, friend, or neighbor who was a designer or decorator.

In many fields, it all remains true.  It is a bit like Starbucks – there’s someone one every corner.

Let’s be honest, business coaching for small businesses is no different.

How Do You Stop Worrying About The Competition?

dallas small business coach stand out from the crowd

I believe I heard Les Brown say it the best – no one can own your story.

The same goes for your business.  Noone does the Voo Doo That You Do So Well.

Yes, while there are other people who do what you do, there is only one person who does it like you.  There is only one person who thinks about it in the same way.  There is only one you.

For all of this to be true, you have to only do 1 thing (don’t you just love my 1 things?)

You have to own it.  This is not the place to be a wall flower.  You have to know it, believe it, prove it and love every minute of it.

Otherwise, you won’t be heard.

Think about it this way.  Your potential client is out there searching for you and what you do.  If they came across you and your competitor – who would they choose.  If your competitor was fearless in telling them who they are, how they work and why they are the best choice – and you choose to be quiet – who are they going to choose?

Your competitor.

One of the biggest things I work with my clients is building up their ability to be seen by their clients.  No more hiding, no more feet shuffling trying to come up with what to say.  We zero in on their own genius, one of my strengths, define what makes them the company to choose and put it together in a way that feels good – so they can never get tired of saying it.

When you get to the place where you stop being all things to all people – when you get to the place.  When you can stand on your dime – confidentially.  When you realize that you don’t need all the possible clients out there – just the RIGHT ones. That is when you gain power over the competition.

For every business out there – at your current size – you can not serve every potential client – there is more than enough to go around.

Have I ever lost business to another coach?  No, because it wasn’t mine in the first place.

This mindset shift represents the first step to blow your competition out of the water.  The next step is to back it up with performance, delivery & service, and I can help you with that – if you are ready.


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    Thanks Leslie! This couldn’t have come at a better time as we Let Go and Let God continue to bless us, our employee’s and business as well as our competitors. There is no place in good business for selfishness or retailiation.

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    “While there are other people who do what you do, there is only one person who does it like you. ” This sentence made such a huge impact on me! I totally agree with this. Many people may know how to do what you do but there is just a single you. Every masterpiece is unique. It depends on that person on how he’ll manage to stand out. Thank you for such an inspiring article, Leslie! 🙂

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