How To Make Money Your Best Friend

make money your best friend Are you missing out on a fulfilling and FUN relationship with your money?

The fact of the matter is you can make money your best friend. Really. And I’m going to show you how.

Make a date with your money:

Set a time, literally make a date. Next, even though this sounds weird, I believe it will get you “in the mood” to look at your numbers. Buy yourself a nice file, get a beautiful pen, sit at your favorite workspace and maybe even light a candle and play some soft music in the background. (Do you think I’m crazy yet?)

The point is you must start to think of this 15 minutes as something you look forward to, because it’s time to reconnect with the life blood of your business — your money. Some things to mull over as you look over your ledger:

  • Consider what you’ve spent, if it was a good investment, and what you’ll spend in the near future.
  • Think about where could cut back.
  • Think about where your expenditures really pay off. Calculate how to leverage that.
  • Celebrate your best investments. Even dream a little. What will you do when you reach the next money goal in your business? Will you relax a little? Buy a new piece of office equipment? Hire a new team member? Invest in more product?
  • How do you envision your business as it grows? What will it look like in one year? Five years?

You can’t ever get there unless you take the time, sit with your books open before you, and really take in the truth about your success and (yes, it hurts) your failures with money.

weekly money dates

The best thing about having these weekly money dates is that you’ll begin to see your money as a partner in your business instead of something just out of reach. You must nurture a close relationship with your money for you to understand how it will work for you and with you. Your relationship with money should make you happy!

Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, huh?

Take out your calendar right now and set that date!

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