How To Motivate Your Children To Be Successful

Do you struggle with keeping your kids motivated and focused on reading and other school activities? Then join us this week as Dr. Nicoline Ambe shares great tips on instilling children with motivation that will last a lifetime. Dr. Ambe joins Dallas-based business coach, Leslie Hassler on today’s episode and shares great insight on building the right environment at home for children to thrive and succeed. Dr. Ambe also shares inspiring personal stories of both children and parents she has been able to benefit.

Dr. Nicoline Ambe – Above & Beyond and A Teacher’s Note


IMG_7426lowDr. Nicoline Ambe has taught in several elementary schools, colleges, and universities across Canada and the United States for the past 18 years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree, two Master’s Degrees, a Ph.D. in Law, and a California Teaching Credential. She is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of two books – Above & Beyond and A Teacher’s Notes. She has been featured in the Miami Herald and Boston Globe.

Dr. Ambe is also an International Speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of Nicoline Ambe International, a training and consulting company that empowers parents to provide the right environment at home to help their children become high achievers in school.  She shows parents simple but effective strategies that they can immediately implement at home to help their children raise their grades, excel in school and prepare for a successful future in college, career and life. She believes that education is the gateway to a successful future, and by implementing a few simple ideas effectively, every parent can help their child succeed in school and life. She also believes that a parent’s mental, physical and emotional health are important in helping them provide the best care for their children.

Dr. Ambe has spoken in front of several large audiences across the United States to share her message of academic empowerment and helping children excel in school, and in life. She speaks at conferences, schools, churches and events.



[Time Stamp 03:01]:  Listen as Dr. Ambe shares her story and amazing journey of becoming a teacher. From her humbling days in West Africa, she shares her lifestyle as a young teen, and how her passion for reading helped her excel in school. By the age of 32 she had attained 4 degrees, all through scholarships…paying $0 in student loans, and tuition!

[Time Stamp 5:10]:  Dr. Ambe talks about leaving teaching at a university level for becoming an elementary school teacher, for the purpose of spending quality time with her kids. Dr. Ambe discusses how much a student’s home environment can affect their excellence in school.

 [Time Stamp 6:40]:  Dr. Ambe talks about her transition from writing blog posts to writing her own books on helping parents build the right type of structure and support for their kids. Leslie and Dr. Ambe also mention the common problems kids have in this day and age such as sleep and nutrition, and how it effects their school performance.

Nicoline Ambe Business Coaching How To Motivate Your Children To Be Successful

[Time Stamp 12:55]: Dr. Ambe describes specific tips for parents to help their kids get into a better academic state with the acronym SUCCESS. These tips include; Setting high expectations, Understanding the frustration, Create a learning environment at home, Conquer distractions, Engage with homework, Share a vision with your child, and Study.

[Time Stamp 16:30]: Leslie and Dr. Ambe discuss the key metrics that will help foreshadow your child’s school performance and the importance of catching any mistakes early. Dr. Ambe shares the importance of keeping your kids motivated, and how to build such an environment at home.

[Time Stamp 23:00]: Dr. Ambe shares the impact that both children and parents have felt in their lives by going through her program. From getting straight A’s to having parents feel more connected and conscious of who their children are. Leslie and Dr. Ambe talk about distractions, and how parents can help their kids manage the different types.

[Time Stamp 27:30]: Leslie shares her personal challenges on getting kids to read, and Dr. Ambe shares some great tips on how to help children find their own personal motivation not in just reading, but education as a whole.

Dr. Ambe’s Parting Words [Time Stamp 35:20]:

“As parents, and moms we have one opportunity to be the best parent we can be for our children. We can take a lot of things for granted, but it’s important to stay conscious of our opportunity to raise the best happy, successful, and well-rounded kids.”



Dr. Ambe’s Amazon Best Seller Books:



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