Motivational Moment for Entrepreneurs: Do You See The Opportunity

Dallas Business Coach, Leslie Hassler shares a motivational thought for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to grow


Howdy & Good Morning to you!  Today’s motivational moment is all about your vantage point.  It is so common as a business coach that I come across small business owners who tell me that they have no money to grow their business.  The comment isn’t so much the issue, as is what happens next.  Nothing.

It is actually a rarity that people do have the money to grow in their business when they need it.  More often than not you have to find it, borrow it or create it. Your strength as a business owner is to see the lack of cash as an opportunity and attack it head on. Drop the excuse and find a way to do something about it.

You see, being a business owner is actually about being a problem solver.  There are always challenges, there are always obstacles to being in business.  Whether you are successful or not will all come down to which side of the coin you see – it is a problem or is it an opportunity.


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