Motivational Moments in Business: Who Do You Need To Be?

Have you ever considered that in order to make all your plans and desires successful, you might need to become a better version of yourself to make it happen?  Join Leslie for Today’s Motivational Moment in Business, as she invites you to consider who you need to be in order to have all that you want in your business.

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Leslie Hassler Motivational Moments in Business Who Do You Need To Be

Show Notes:

Be The Person You Need to be to have the future you desire

Have you ever thought about that?

That is actually what I believe is one of the fundamental roles of coaching.  Anytime one of a client has the desire to grow, it is crucial to help guide them through the transformation of becoming a better version of themselves to make it a reality.

Think of it this way.

You are great exactly who you are.

Who you are has gotten you to where you are – for better or for worse.

Are you content staying here?  The point in which you are?

Or do you have desires past today, past where you are in this moment.

To travel that path, to commit to that journey – who do you need to be to get there?

Sometimes the be is skill related.  I need to be a better manager of my business.  I need to be better at sales. Some times the be is more mindset related.  I need to be more confident.  I need to be a believer.  I need to be a dreamer.

Sometimes, it is taking things on a moment by moment basis. Who do I need to be in this moment to stay true to the vision, to stay true to who I say I want to be in my life?

Everyday you get the chance to be a better version of yourself.  The question is, do you take advantage of it?

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