My Why

bigstock-Future-dreams-of-a-woman-40425754I love helping women business owners have the business and life of their dreams. I believe that there is more than enough to go around, but we must take focused action to do our part.  I believe that in a search to find the answers, my clients have lost pieces of themselves along the way.  If we can design your business to fully support who you are, not who you think they should be, then you can make head way in helping them achieve their success and dreams.

bigstock-Portrait-of-Happy-Family-In-Pa-13910462I am a champion for children and families, everyone’s family – but especially families in need.  Quite simply, because growing up, my family was in need.  But it wasn’t my entire childhood – I remember early on, it was pretty good.  And at one point in time, my mother and step father had opened a beauty supply business that did pretty well.  They both worked at it, and I remember that times felt good.  But then, it didn’t.  I remember that the fighting started and then seemingly suddenly, the times were bad.  Now, I was young, and you don’t get told everything that was actually happening.  But what I found out, was that the accountant for the business had taken off with the Sales Tax money. Leaving my parents having to cover the money – which we didn’t have.  In the process, they closed the business and filed bankruptcy.  So my world went from happy and light-filled to very dark. My mother worked two jobs to support us, leaving the house to be at work by 6 am and then getting off work from her second job at midnight.  My father went into depression, and I at 13, became responsible for a lot in between.  I remember having to figure out meals for 5 people on $25 a week.  Now granted, this was the 80s.  But it wasn’t a lot. I washed the dishes, the laundry, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house and waited for my mom to come home. This was an experience that has shaped every fiber of my being.  It was why I care about families.  I care about mine, I care about yours.  I care about the families I don’t even know.  And I do what I do – to help you take care of them with enough left over to for you to be able to enjoy your family.

bigstock-Pay-It-Forward-11574458My goal is to fill each of our client’s “cups” so that they runs over – so that they will feel inspired and have the tools to help the next person. I stand up for service.  It’s one of my love languages. I believe that there isn’t enough value given to service, and while it isn’t money, it is more powerful.  Just to know that someone is willing to help you with their time, their skills and their company is sometimes all someone needs to feel important, to have a reason to be grateful.  I believe in giving service to my clients, because I have this secret goal – if I can help fill your cup so that it runs over – then you have more than enough to share.  For every client I have, if they could serve and fill 2 other people’s cups – that is when the significance of my work becomes powerful.

So why do I help business owners?  Because my parent’s needed help in theirs, because we need strong and safe families and because prosperity breeds prosperity and I’m out to make a positive impact in this world – but I need your help to do so.

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