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Patti Allen, Patti Allen Interiors

Patti Allen, Patti Allen Interiors

The transformation in my business and life is amazing.  When I first started working with Leslie, I loved what I do, but I wasn’t happy with my business.  Everything has changed. For the better.  My business is profitable, the quality of the work has improved and I have a sense of peace and calm that wasn’t there before.  I know the business I want and what it takes to get there.  And amazingly, it’s a lot less work than I thought.  Working with Leslie has been the perfect answer for me.

As a “sole-preneur,” one of my needs has been to have someone with knowledge and experience with whom I can plan and collaborate on how to move my business forward.  She is truly a “partner” in my business, and her concern for me personally as well as my business, is an amazing benefit for me.  I really cannot stress enough how much she has helped me with my business.  If you are considering working with Leslie I would encourage you to do just that, sooner rather than later.


When I first met Leslie, I was struggling, juggling and sinking— fast. I was mentally and physically exhausted. There were just not enough hours in a day to complete the all of the to do lists for an ever demanding, underpaying job, my home, myself and my precious, budding business.  I was so stuck and frustrated. I could not manage to get out of the way of my own self-imposed limitations. I knew in my  spirit that I had a viable business concept, but it was dying inside of me because I could not get from where I was to where I wanted and needed to be… by myself.

Michelle Petties, RPRD

Michelle Petties, RPRD

Then I met Leslie Hassler. I decided to trust my instincts about her and my world view changed. First let me say I had no idea how was going to afford her services. Anyone on the outside looking at my finances would have thought I was crazy to even consider such an investment. Signing on with Leslie turned out to be an act of faith that paid off immediately, emotionally.  Step by sometimes agonizing step Leslie helped me breathe life into my business— guiding me through the maze of my own thoughts, ideas and emotions. From a somewhat vague and abstract concept to monetized implementation, Leslie has been hands on and in the trenches with me designing, structuring and framing my business. Working with someone who is personally committed to understanding me and my business has made all of the difference. I have complete confidence in Leslie’s gift for quick and quiet focus on crucial issues and this allows me to move forward moment by moment and month by month with confidence.  

Within three months, my decision to work with Leslie paid off financially when I landed my first five figure client; three months later that same client and I worked together close a six figure account. Leslie’s insight and guidance have been invaluable she helping me realize the multi-million dollar potential of my dream. The financial outlook for my business is obviously improved, just as importantly my belief in myself and my ability to build a meaningful and successful business has also increased tremendously. The more I work with Leslie more I am free to live with peace of mind and get paid working in my passion. I am still juggling, but most days it is with joy and anticipation.

Thank you Leslie for your talent, time and sitting next to me at lunch.



Leslie, thanks for taking the time to help loosen the grips of the time monster from around my throat.shauna As I complete my old life as a consultant to large corporations and transition into the launch of my new business, I felt overwhelmed with all there is to be done. You showed me time blocking in a new, manageable way.

Before working with you it felt like I was at a buffet where I had to eat everything in sight (bloat!). Now it feels like a gracious dining experience, with the courses being served up at a pace I can deal with. The tips and encouragement you gave me were just what I needed! Thank you!

Shauna E. VanderHoek
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