Reviving Your Business: Survival Tip #1 Date Your Money

Money, Money, Money.

Do you ever get sick of talking about it or trying to find more of it?  Do you think that it is good, bad or neutral?

Do you hide from the money in your business? Many people do.  In fact, entrepreneurs will create a million excuses NOT to look at their money.


If you have been along this summer, you’ve seen me sing the virtue of the numbers.

But I didn’t always believe it.  In fact, I was excellent at hiding from my money. So much so that if I had a loss at the end of my year – I would be SHOCKED!

Why?  Because I didn’t want to know how bad it was.  I didn’t want to face what how I was doing in my business.  The Money will follow

There are many reasons we don’t want to know.  But one is that we completely bought into the trap of “Do what your love and the money will follow.”

If the money will follow, then I just need to do what I love.  I don’t need to look at anything else because it will just happen. Go ahead and admit it, you’ve thought it.

But the money doesn’t just magically appear, not with out effort.  And any effort worth doing, needs some quality information to go in.



So today’s survival tip for your business.

It’s time to make a date night!  Just like you would with your spouse, you need a date night (or day) with your money.



I love date nights with my husband, it is a fabulous time together that we get to actually talk about adult things and learn a little bit about each other .  I always feel more connected to my husband after a good date night.

So it is with your money.  The date is the opportunity for you to get to know what is happening with the money in your business.

What to do on your money date?

It’s not hard, or complicated but here are the things that you need to review on your money date

  • Your Cashflow Report
  • Your Forecasted Cashflow & Sales Projections
  • Your 7 figures to 7 figure numbers



Why will this make a difference in your business?

  1. You can CELEBRATE your wins!
  2. You FOCUS your brain on your goals.
  3. You can be PROACTIVE to any future cash crises.
  4. You can spot OPPORTUNITIES to grow and invest in your business.

How often should you date?

Once a week. Mine is every Monday. Sometimes, I spend an hour, especially toward the end of the month.  But often times is only takes 30 minutes. Make a commitment to it every week and watch things change.

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr


And Yeah – celebrating day 6 of the Spiritual Badass 30 Day Blog Challenge.


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    I’m totally guilty of not looking at the money, especially since there never seems to be enough of it. This is a great idea, to have a “date night” with our money, ignoring something won’t make it disappear 🙂

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