The Rules of Growing Your Business: Releasing

Learning The Art of the Release To Grow Your Business

One of the greatest struggles I witness from business owners is the ability to make a commitment at a soul level.  That is to make a commitment so completely, so deeply that there is no going back.

It is a theme for this week, in my interview with Dr. Minette Riordan (listen here) and in the many conversations I have been having with potential business coaching clients the last two weeks, (26 in fact).

Dr. Minette shared the concept of committing to goal at a soul level and what happen afterward.  For her, the commitment included walking away from a business to move from Texas to California.  As you’ll hear on the episode, there was a lot that she was walking away from.  There was a lot to be worried about.  But as she said, “When you make a decision that intense, all the other decisions just fall into place.”


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I understand Dr. Minette’s story and learnings; because I have done the same thing.  In 2011, my husband and I made it a goal to move back to Dallas, to be closer to family and in a city that gave us a better quality of life.

But it meant walking away from a lot.  It meant leaving a job and cutting his compensation by 46%. It meant moving to a city where there hadn’t even been an advertised job for my husband in the prior 2-3 years.  It meant walking away from a church community that we loved and were very involved in.  It meant walking away from friendships and schools.  It meant for me, walking away from a business that had revenues in the multi-six figures and was entirely referral based.

It seems like a lot to walk away from, huh?


But what we were walking to was so much greater.  And with the ‘what’ being so clearly defined, which just didn’t know how or when.

So we did what we could, we started to get prepared.  If we were going to move, what did we need to do to be prepared for?



We weren’t looking back.  We looked forward.

And what happened?  Simply put, God flipped the switch and the magic happened.

We suddenly had the funds to get the house ready to put on the market.  The job market for my husband in Dallas – the same one that hadn’t had a posting in the last several years, suddenly had 3 perfect for him.  And amazingly, he was offered all 3.

While my business did have shifts, it didn’t shrivel up and die – in fact it grew.

We sold our house (pre-good market) in 11 days, for asking.

In fact everything fell into place so quickly, it left our heads spinning.  Within 6 months, the decision to move to Dallas was a reality.

Why did this work?  Why did the same thing happen and work for Dr. Minette?  How can it work for you?



The answer lies in the fact that failure wasn’t an option.  That none of use was worried about what might happen, we were only concerned about preparing to make it happen and looking for the opportunities to have it happen.  When we found the opportunity, while it was weighed and measured, we all gave it a try.

Did some tries fail?  Of course.  But having the attitude of ‘ok that didn’t work, let me try again’ was always there.

There is a saying that you need a leap of faith.  And that is true for every great result that awaits you.

And perhaps there is not better way to describe it to you than the image of a trapeze artist.

In order for the trapeze artist to move, to fly and to flow, they must be willing to let go of the bar, throwing their entire body into the motion, with no option of going back.

A lot of people say they want change in their life, change in their business.  But they aren’t willing to let go of the bar.

The reality is you can’t change, you can’t grow your business if you’re not willing to let go and commit so deeply that going back is not an option, failure is not an option.



If you’re stuck, hanging out in the same place in your business as you were last year.  Take a look at what you are hanging on to.  Look at where you want to go.  Maybe it’s not big enough, and maybe you need to close those back doors that would allow you to go back.

If your ordinary business is going to be EXTRAORDINARY in 2015 – what commitment do you need to be making on a soul level?  Leave me a comment and let the world know.



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