Sales Secrets I Learned From My Son: Always Aim HIGH

I think that the innocents of a child can teach us so many things.  But some of the things I’ve learned from my children, I never counted on.

This weekend was the last weekend for the State Fair of Texas, a big deal for most children in Dallas – and mine are no different.


Via St. Louis Motherhood

Via St. Louis Motherhood

Since you can go broke riding the rides, I gave each child a budget that they had to stay in, and anything above an beyond they would have to pay for.

As we are planning which rides they were going to ride, Ed knew without hesitation which one he would ride….

“The Superman Ride!”

Confused, we finally figured out which one he was talking about.

The Sky Coaster AKA "The Superman Ride"

The Sky Coaster AKA “The Superman Ride”

One of the biggest rides at the State Fair, which thankfully was just out of his budget – even with his own money, especially when I tell him that he has to do it with an adult.

In looking at the ride, as a Mom, I’m filled with all sorts of caution and concern for him.  But to be honest, there is a part of me that wanted to go and a few short years ago, I would have gone.

It’s the failures, learnings and missteps that keep us ‘safe’, but it that same internal ‘safe’ meter that can keep us from fun and possibly a great experience.

Edwin is and has always been fearless.

He has a self confidence that is worth its weight in gold.

He thinks B-I-G.

Why go for one when you could have a million?



Those three skills are killer in the world of owning your own businesses. They are the variables that separate you from having the success that you strive and yearn for and just standing on the ground watching others fly they way you wish you could.

So guess what, next year we are going to take the risk and ride the ride for our moment of being Superman and Wonder Woman – because I have learned that the biggest rewards are just on the other side of my greatest risks.  And as I’ve noticed more and more fear creeping stealthily into my life, I’m on a mission to eradicate it. I have to be the champion in the fight because I lead so many to fight the fight everyday in their businesses.

How are showing up in your business?  What difference would it make if you had a fearless confidence? What rewards would it lead you to?





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