Saturday Soundtrack: Imagine Dragons – Demons

I had to think for a while about the song I wanted to post.  Because honestly, it was a frustrating week.


via Strictly Commercial Blog


I took the week in stride, but I am still a little frustrated about it.  I created a lot this week – including a brand new training – “Banish Your 5 Deadliest Time Demons: How to get 2 Hours Back to Your Day Everyday”.


via Flicker

via Flicker


I’m pretty proud of it. And I had arranged for it to go out to my community, be a part of a tele-series and appear on a blog.



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What was frustrating about it is that every single channel had difficulties and delays.

Some of them, I inadvertently created, and others were really just technology related.


What is ironic – Difficulty and Delay are 2 of the 5 demons I talk about in the training!

So with that – I thought this was a good song for today.  It kind put gives a song to my frustration and ties in quite nicely to the training!

Ever feel this way?


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