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Spiritual Badass Blogging Challenge – Day 2

Topic: How do you bring your spiritual beliefs into your business?


Ever the maverick – I’m going to answer this question in a different way. ‘Shock!’

What lead me to this business?

Honestly, it was a very spiritual leading.  I wasn’t happy in my design business, but I am an entrepreneur.  At heart.

And for at least 2 years, I went around asking, “If not this, then what?”

Coaching was the message.

But I fought it – for all the reasons people fight something new.

So in January of 2013, I sat down to right a presentation to market my design business- what came out was not was expected.

via pinterest & Joel Olsteen

via pinterest & Joel Olsteen

The entire weekend I was a woman possessed.  Seriously I wrote the entire weekend.  What I wrote had nothing to do with design, although I tried to force it into compliance.

So I sat with it.  And now the question was – ‘What the heck do I do with that?”

It would be another 6 months before I would do anything with it.  Before I started working on Your Biz Rules.

So for 2 years and 6 months, I fought it.  I fought the direction God was providing to me.  God was answering my prayers, giving me a path and I wasn’t walking it.

what’s the point?

Well, what role does spirituality play for me?

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

God lead me here.  I’ve been given a mission.  I connect with him through journaling and praying in a nearly daily fashion.  I pray for guidance in this business, I pray for my clients, family and friends.  I give thanks for all that is going well in my life and for the gift of life.

And as I listen and pray for strength.  This is what I hear.  Today’s soundtrack.


via pinterest

via Pinterest


What is your mission?


  1. says

    Lovely, just lovely. It’s interesting how we’re led down a path, and yet we fight it too. Glad you followed your path and started your biz!

  2. says

    I didn’t so much as fight it as kept it under wraps from those around me. It was tough to acknowledge initially to my loved ones.

    • Leslie says

      You know – I think that is pretty common around entrepreneurs. Glad to hear you were able to share your gifts!

  3. says

    I too write and then go and find images to fit into posts.

    Kind of cool to see there is another one who shares the same processes. 🙂

    Don’t fight the force 😀

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