How To Spare Yourself The Loneliest Climb To The Top

the loneliest climb to the topBuilding a business is a lonely job.

  • Alone with your laptop, you stay up late after everyone in the house is asleep, just so you can work when it’s quiet.
  • Driving to a networking meeting or pitch fest, you listen to your notes and mentally jot additional notes hoping you’ll remember all your points when all eyes are on you.
  • You squeeze in an hour of research during your lunch hour at your regular job, examining the business reports of your competitors.
  • At the neighborhood potluck, over BBQ and beer, your neighbors ask how your new business is coming and you smile, feeling like you have to present a positive, reassuring outlook all the time.
  • Maybe you’ve even found yourself covering your real concerns about how your business is doing. You can’t say the words out loud: “I might not make it though the next month.”

It can be lonely as you build your business.

But you don’t have to fly completely solo. It might be time to trust a business coach.


relationships make all the difference in your small biz success

You have a responsibility to gather all your resources, including a set of understanding ears, an experienced, sharp mind, and an extra pair of able hands in business.

A business coach is someone with whom you can talk about your concerns and your worries about the future.

You can bounce your ideas off her and see if your instincts are on point or if your perspective is completely off base.

A business coach is the one person you can trust when you feel like there’s no one else on your side.

A business coach is your confidante.

Can you really say what you’re thinking to anyone else, even your friends and colleagues in business who say they are doing so well? Can you admit when you’re confused or concerned, to your family, husband, or parents? They may have ulterior motives for your success. Worse, they may be all too ready to see you throw in the towel. While the reality of other’s opinions can bite, the fact is, your version of reality may be skewed.

But how will you know, if you don’t talk with someone who can be objective and honest?

Truth is, you’ll only feel safe if the person you’re confiding in really understands the entrepreneur mindset. If she’s been there herself, and coached others to success, all the better.

When you feel like you’re under scrutiny, you may want to run away from the spotlight. There’s plenty to do behind the curtain, right?

No way. This is your time to shine! A good business coach will encourage you to get out there. It’s up to you to represent your ideas…

Will you continue the lonely, laborious slow climb, or will you take the leap and trust a business coach to help you fly?

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