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When you are in a committed relationship you are, in a sense, in business together – the business of life. Whether you actually work together or not you can learn a lot by taking a peak behind the curtains and learn secrets to being richer together – in life, love and your work. Check out my interview as Relationship and Intimacy Experts, Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D. as they share not only their insight and knowledge, but powerful wisdom!

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Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. – Experts in Relationship + Intimacy Dynamics


Experts in relationship and intimacy dynamics, Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are mentoring couples around the globe. They recently released their new book, Richer Together: Secrets for Working, Living and Loving Side-by- Side. Passionate about married dating, Secret Animal Powers, and Transcendent Lovemaking™ Rob and Janelle are obliterating long-standing relationships myths.



[Time Stamp 02:45]: Listen as Leslie introduces both our guests today, Dr. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D. They talk about their own journeys of entrepreneurship, and how they later converged after getting married. Rob and Janelle Alex talk about buying back the old family bowling alley business, which started off great however suffered as the economic crisis emerged.

[Time Stamp 7:45]: Janelle and Rob share what they learned after getting out of their bowling business, and how much they learned about each other. They share the importance of always putting your relationship first, no matter what type of business you may be involved with. Having a business as a couple isn’t easy, and Janelle shares the different aspects to be conscious of such as sharing responsibilities, focusing on each other’s strengths as well as weakness.

[Time Stamp 12:30]: Leslie discusses the concept of “I’m not only a CEO of my business, but also my household” with Rob and Janelle. They discuss how the importance of knowing how to balance business and house chores together as one big business. They share some great tips on scheduling, and how to handle last minute add-ons to your fix schedules, and great tools such as Google Calendar. Rob and Janelle also share tips on how to keep all your problems light, and to always have fun at the end of the day.

[Time Stamp 24:45]: Rob and Janelle discuss ways on keeping their relationship strong, and connected through all the distractions we have in this day and age. Janelle talks about how important it is to spend time apart as it is to be together, as it keeps mystery and a surprise element to the relationship. Rob mentions how doing something completely different and getting out your comfort zone will build a stronger bond for both you and your partner.

[Time Stamp 30:00]: Janelle talks about the concept of earmarking marriage money. Where no matter where you are financially as a couple, it is important to put aside a percentage of your money to invest in yourselves as a couple. This strategy will help you always have resources available whether that is coaching, or going out for a comedy show.


Rob and Janelle Alex Business Coaching How To Succeed In Business Together
 [Time Stamp 34:50]: Rob talks about the importance of putting focus and effort on your intimacy and sex life, as it can affect the energy levels of the entire household, and business to change in a positive way. Rob talks about how not to be afraid of bringing in laughter inside your sex life and other intimate aspects of your relationship, this can bring positive energy vibrations to your kids and other family members in the household.

[Time Stamp 38:25]: Janelle shares that it is important for women to set aside the masculine energy such as the competitive and business side so that they can properly connect with their feminine side which will cause in greater sexual energy and also just feeling stronger and confident.

[Time Stamp 42:30]: Rob and Janelle share a quick synopsis of their book, Richer Together. The book is on interviews of other successful couples, who are also involved with a business. The book has great insights on different approaches on keeping a perfect balance on relationship and business. As well as a wide range of interviews giving diversity in the business backgrounds.

Rob & Janelle Alex’s Parting Words [Time Stamp 47:30]:

“Let love rule!” I want people to go into their relationship knowing that love is the most important aspect. Also there is no such thing as normal, as long as it feels right to you, and your partner…you should go for it!



Richer Together: Secrets to Working, Living and Loving Side-by-Side

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