Do you have an superhero complex?

A realization hit me today.

Those of you close to me are going to be SHOCKED…not.

I have a superhero complex.  I have an expectation that I am INVINCIBLE! (echo for effect)

I discussed it with my husband tonight.  As I’m explaining the conversation that brought this to the surface to me….his response….

‘I’ve know this for years.’  Gee, thanks dear…real helpful.

My earliest memory of Halloween was wearing a Wonder Woman costume.

My earliest memory of Halloween was wearing a Wonder Woman costume.

I mean it seems irrational for me to have this expectation.  To be invincible.

Ed says, ‘It’s not irrational…it’s just improbable.’

He’s right.  I love action (hate horror) movies, I can see myself battling the bad guys with my super hero powers and ninja fighting skills.  Yeah, I’m that bada*.

It’s part of my secret love of Body Combat.


And that is the warrior/champion spirit I bring to the table and to business.  It’s a fantastic strength that I use to benefit my clients and my business alike.

But every strength needs to be tempered, or else it becomes a weakness.

Got to say… there is a part of that realization that just stinks.

But the payoff is huge.

The opposite of the strength of invincibility is the compassion of vulnerability.


Last week, as a part of  preparing for the the ‘Women Bringing Incredible Back’ Virtual Conference in December; I was challenged to share what the turning point was in my life that lead me to where I am today.

As I prepared for that interview, I have to share things I have never shared publicly…the nitty-gritty….the not so pretty part of my life where I took charge and turned my life around.

It’s hard to be that vulnerable, especially for the person that has an invincibility, superhero complex.



What do you think?  How do you let the compassion of vulnerability shine through in your life?


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