How To Get Over The Practice Of Negativity

get over the practice of negativity

Worry VS. Positivity: Which one wins? Be forewarned, this blog post isn’t for sissies. But if you’ve been inside the belly of the beast of your own mind, then you’ve probably seen the worst of it already. If you think you’re tough enough — I do! — then read on. Do you want to know […]

Here’s How To SEE A Recession Before You FEEL A Recession

recession proof your business

Is your business recession-proof? On a recent Blab podcast I showed how to recession-proof your small business. The truth of the matter, though, is that you can’t really continue on in business through a recession without feeling it in some way. “Recession-proofing” in my book means not only riding out an economic downturn, but actually […]

Four Ideas for Diversification of Revenue Streams

diversify your revenue streams

Four Ideas for Diversification of Revenue Streams Last week we talked about the emotional roller coaster tied to your financials in your small business. The answer, of course, is to stop that desperate, tumultuous feeling by shoring up your business with simple, sound revenue streams. When you can predict your income, in small and large […]

Hiding From The Truth About Money In Your Small Business

stop hiding from the truth

There are three reasons why people get into trouble with their money when starting a business. The overarching reason is that they don’t know what they don’t know. Every other excuse falls underneath that umbrella statement. People who fail in their small business are in the dark about their numbers. Lucky for you, numbers are […]

How To Spare Yourself The Loneliest Climb To The Top

Trust a business coach and spare yourself the lonely climb to the top.

Building a business is a lonely job. Alone with your laptop, you stay up late after everyone in the house is asleep, just so you can work when it’s quiet. Driving to a networking meeting or pitch fest, you listen to your notes and mentally jot additional notes hoping you’ll remember all your points when […]

Want A Complete Overhaul In Productivity? Do This One Thing

overhaul your productivity

There’s one thing that’s probably killing your productivity and it gets just about everyone. It’s the no-brainer thing that anyone can fix, but it gets lost in the shuffle of project management logs, task lists, and cluttered desks. What is it? It’s the problem of Open Loops. Here are some examples: You start a project, […]

The Five Most Important People Behind The Scenes In Your Small Business

behind the scenes in your small business

  You are building a business. At least that’s what you keep telling yourself! That’s great news! You want to be more than just self-employed. You want to have a life you love, with plenty of money and time to enjoy it. You’re not averse to hard work; in fact you love it. Now here’s […]