Why You Must Bust The Multi-tasking Myth To Get More Done In Your Business

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Busting the Multitasking Myth for Entrepreneurs – Get More Done With These Time Management Type Watch Dallas Small Business Coach, Leslie Hassler as she shares why you need to bust the multi-tasking myth in order to get more done in your business. When we talk about multi-tasking most women entrepreneurs think they have won a […]

Is Time Leaking Away From Your Business And Life?

time leaking away

  There’s an old song about holding time in a bottle. The lyrics are a bit cloying. Sorry, Jim Croce, but I’m glad time passes. If it didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t want someone capturing and keeping it where I was concerned! No, the flow of time is what makes life an adventure. The mystery and […]

The Superwoman Syndrome: How To Lose The Cape And Delegate Tasks

delegating tasks in your small business

  Small business owners often suffer from Superhero Syndrome a term coined by Chris Ducker, which refers to the disease that plagues entrepreneurs by making them believe that just because they CAN do something, they should do it themselves. The bookkeeping, the copywriting, the filing, the Facebook advertising, the video editing; oh, yeah, you can […]

The Astonishing Time Management Truth Entrepreneurs Need

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Time Management Truths For Small Business Success There are truths about time management that no one ever tells you.  What worked for you in your corporate job, won’t necessarily translate to your role as the owner of the small business. Here’s a podcast sharing with you exactly why the time management you know doesn’t work. Initially […]