Work With Me

Leslie-Hassler-Your-Biz-Rules-Working-Together-SucessI’m honored that you are interested in finding out how to work with me.  So let me make it simple for you…

We would be a good fit if:

In a world that says you must do it all, I say you must only do what is worth doing.  You are SO over doing every good idea and truly want to focus on what is best for you.  You are ready to be fully focused and give up the distractions.

You are ready to have more freedom and joy in your life.  Look, I can be a little goofy sometimes and I love a good laugh and I always find wisdom in the life of children.  It is no surprise that I am very passionate that my clients have big child-like dreams that bring satisfaction and joy to their life. You are ready to regain that child-like joy!

You are past doing it the hard way, and ready for a way that plays to your strengths. I teach people how to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to identify their patterns in their work and their life and learn to use those patterns and strengths to build a personal system to achieve success over and over. If that isn’t you…then we may not be a fit.

It is a love or hate relationship.  That is, you either get the need to slow down to move forward fast, or you don’t.  But without a system that lets you check in on just about anything – marketing, business opportunities, your best next step – you’ll end up running around in circles.  If you are tired of running your business without this system, these guides, without Your Biz Rules™, then you are ready.

& if YOU want the following…

  • Results. If you are tired of not getting results from programs and coaches, but are committed to doing what is necessary to get to results; then, get excited because we are going to have a great time getting great results.
  • The Truth.  I’m nice, but I call them like I see them.  No, I don’t yell or scream or get ugly.  But if you are half-hearted, or are standing in your own way, guess what? I’m going to let you know, in a nice best friend kind of way.  If that doesn’t work for you, that’s fine, but I’m not your gal.
  • A great business & great family.  It’s a challenge to have a thriving business and quality time with your family.  I’ve walked through that battlefield.  It will take some change on your part, it will be easy for some and hard for others.  But my best clients want this more than almost anything else and they are willing do change what needs to change to make it happen.

What is the best way for you?